Monday, August 13, 2012

Transfer news!

Hello all!

I am super excited at this point!  Sorry, I haven't updated in a while.  But, guess what....

TRANSFER is friday!!!!

I know, time flies.  Everything has been nuts the last few months getting the contract signed and all the blood tests and lining checks.  But, everything has been wonderful.  Lining didn't thicken up as quickly as they thought it would, but it is great now, just in time! 

So, we fly out early thursday and the transfer is at 10am on friday morning.  I'm hoping and praying everything else goes smoothly from here on out. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

We're back at it!

Ok, its been a while, so I thought I'd post an update. 

Well, a few weeks ago I was emailing Tina, from TSE, about finding my IP's.  They had been having a hard time because my insurance doesn't cover surrogacy at all.  So, the IP's will have to pay out of pocket for supplemental insurance.  Which, I was told wouldn't be a big deal, but I guess in the end it really was.  So, I asked her if S and J ever ended up with another GS.  She said that was funny cause they just asked about me to.  Which I thought was crazy and so I wondered if they would just let me come back to them.  I really felt bad for leaving them in the first place.  They couldn't help what was going on with them.  She told me that they would be so excited, but probably couldn't afford the extra expense of the insurance.  Well, I was never doing this for the money and I have no idea why it never occured to me sooner, so I offered to drop the compensation to help with the cost of insurance.  I was so excited when she emailed me back about how excited S was!  She told me she was screaming through the phone! LOL

So, the last few weeks have been really busy with getting all the paperwork filled out for the health inusrance, life insurance and all the fun testing.  I got to have a little talk with the feritility doctor I will be working with in New Jersey and he seems really great. 

I was really excited last week when Tina informed me all the testing I'm having done right now means I hopefully only have to travel to New York for the transfer!  I couldn't believe my ears.  Not, that I don't want to go up there and meet them.  I surely do.  But, with the kids, the less time away, the better.  My parents aren't totally for this and to have them watching the kids too much in the beginning is something I was not looking forward to. 

So, I guess I'll end this posting with everything is looking great.  When I had to have the saline ultrasound on thursday morning I was really worried they would see a fibroid or something and the nurse told me I have the most beatiful uterus ever.  LOL  Weird comment, but made my day! 

God has definitely been answering a lot of my prayers lately and I owe all of this to him.  He walks with me everyday and makes me the person I am. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Changing IP's

Well, I guess the title says it all.  I spoke with Tina, from TSE, this week.  S is having problems getting eggs still.  She hasn't cycled since Decemeber and when she did her egg retreival then she only got 2, not very good quality, eggs.  So, I think its in my best interest at this time to look for a new couple.

This really makes me sad because they did seem like a really sweet couple and I was excited to meet them and carry a baby for them.  But, they have been stressed also recently with other personal issues, not related to the surrogacy and that will make it even harder to have a cycle and get some good eggs.  Shes only 37.  I'm not sure why shes having all these troubles and I truely do feel bad for them.

I am, however, looking forward to the future.  I'm going to talk to Tina on monday and hopefully will get a good idea as to when I will be matched with a new couple.  She has told me numerous times now, there are a few other couples who are ready now.  So, hopefully I will be POAS soon!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Well, as much as I love talking to my coordinator from TSE, Tina, (I'm really not sure if that is her title.. I just gave it to her, lol)  we did have a talk this week about my, soon to begin, journey. 

She emailed me on wednesday and wanted to call and talk about everything.  It seems when they did the egg retreived on my IM they only got 2 embies, which is ok, but they weren't the best quality.  She was suppose to have her period again last week, in which they would plan the next egg retreival, but it never came.  So, they are planning on forcing a period on monday if she still hasn't started. 

I think Tina really just wanted me to understand this is probably going to push us out another couple of months.  I cannot even explain how much I truely love this agency, and most of all, Tina.  They are the most caring and supportive group.  She explained to me that S and J really still want to work with me, but understand if I don't want to wait another few months. 

John and I talked about this in great length.  I know I don't know S and J very well, but I am was so in love with their profile and after talking to them on the conference call, I guess I just knew, they were the ones.  We both really want to stay with them and I am fine with waiting a little longer to make sure we get some good embies.  Tina was happy to hear that. 

I am so excited about this journey.  I'm just ready for it to begin already!  lol  Hopefully tuesday we will hear something about what the plan is next.  But, we're probably looking at a late February or early March transfer.  So I guess that means I will travel to New York in late January or early February?  IDK, I guess time will only tell.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just starting the journey

Well, to be exact I started it in May.  I emailed the agency I'm working with now, the surrogacy experience, and asked for more information.  I immediately got an email back from Nancy.  She was wonderful.  Stated they were sending a bunch of paperwork out for me to fill out and send back.  After that it was tons of requesting medical records, calling offices, waiting for offices to mail me back records, etc.  It took until mid July for them to get all the records and be approved. 

Tina, from TSE, came to visit in early August and she was GREAT!  She pretty much expelled any worry I had about doing this.  I was so excited after meeting her. 

I finally got my first intended parent profile to look over..... Can I say love at first sight????  I was so incredibly happy to see that profile and to hear how wonderful they are.  I had our first conference call with the IP's on 10/10.  John and I both were super excited to finally get to talk to them.  It seems like these last few months of waiting are finally paying off.  Whew... they were wonderful and I decided right after hanging up the phone we were definitely the perfect match! 

So, fast forward a month and my IM is starting on her meds monday.  They will check her to see how shes doing a few days afterwards and hopefully I will get a lovely email from Tina saying we are moving forward and a timeline for everything. 

I am so looking forward to the journey.  I didn't realize until today how long this has really taken.  I feel like it is so hard to be patient sometimes, but I guess I'm doing a pretty good job since its been 6 months already!  I'm really hoping they will want me up there the week of the 19th of December because I'm already taking that week off of work, but oh well, if its not.  We can cross that bridge when we get there!